Rugby Equipment

Even though very little rugby equipment is needed to get started with the fast-paced exciting game of rugby, it is important to get it right. In this section we’ll cover some fundamentals and reviews of the basic equipment required. 


Cleat checkThe game referee does a cleat check to ensure compliance.

When you’re a newbie to rugby, it is easy to assume that any cleat will do. Or you may not even be aware of the different types of cleats. There are actually several factors to consider to make sure your purchase is a smart one. Check this section out to ensure you get the right cleat, for the right sport and for the right type of field and condition. 

Mouth guards

 For a parent, this is probably the most critical piece of rugby equipment – especially if you have paid hundreds (or thousands) of dollars in orthodontic bills to get your kids pearly whites nice and straight. The last thing you want is for them to come home toothless! Just like cleats, mouth guards can be sport specific and made of all kinds of different materials. Head over to this page to get the latest on mouth guards.

Scrum Caps

If your rugby player is a forward and has heard horror stories about some weird sounding condition called cauliflower ears, a scrum cap may be just what they need to stay in the game. We’ll review some caps and give you a chance to decide what’s right for your situation.

Player wearing a scrum capScrum cap

Protective Clothing 

Rugby players don’t wear a whole lot of protection – if any at all - but there are some options for both males and females if you prefer. Find out what your choices are here.


Gilbert ballGame Ball

Sure sounds like it should be simple enough to go out and buy a rugby and it is, if you know what you’re looking for! Find out about different sizes of rugby balls, the materials they are constructed of and the differences between match balls and trainer balls.

In my experience, you will be able to get outfitted with good quality options for under $200. After you get the necessary rugby equipment the other expense you can expect to pay will a fee to join a local club. Here in Canada, within that fee, a portion will be allocated to Rugby Canada, a portion will go to your provincial rugby governing body and then the remainder goes to the club. In most cases, you will receive pair of shorts and a pair of socks in your club colours included in your annual fee. Game shirts belong to the club but you will be provided one to wear on game day.

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