How You Can Help Grow Rugby in Canada

Growing rugby in Canada is not just the responsibility of Rugby Canada or the Canada Rugby League. Each of us can play a vital role in improving the visibility of the sport within our communities which will lead to increased player involvement, greater opportunities for athletes to hone skills and an improved fan experience. 

As parents we are automatically part of the rugby community the day our child signs up. Next time you’re tempted to drop your kid off at the field, turn off the engine and stay awhile.  It is such a boost to our kids’ self esteem when they know we are watching and you just might be amazed at how much fun you have watching the exhilarating game of rugby.  


Like most clubs, teams and groups – they run on volunteers. If you want to help rugby grow, volunteer your time or your expertise. Whether it is keeping the books, running the snack shack, keeping the website up-to-date or brainstorming recruitment ideas - every team needs help with administrative aspects that don’t require a lot of knowledge of rugby. And if you want to get involved, don’t wait until somebody asks you. Let the coach or manager know you are ready to help and they will find a job that is perfect for your time and expertise. 


Not ready to commit to volunteer work – coming out to the games as a spectator is a terrific way to show your support. You don’t even need to have a child who plays. Maybe you played rugby in high school or you live near a field and you're curious what all the excitement is about – come on out. For those of you who like ice hockey, I strongly encourage you to check out rugby. It is a fast-paced, hard hitting, full contact sport. The players show tremendous athleticism and grit and as a fan and you get to sit outside in the sunshine instead of inside an arena. Check out our listing to learn where the clubs are. Soon we’ll have game listings available also. 


Do you love kids and know a little about rugby? Coaching a youth team is a great way to get involved. The more youth that come out to learn and play rugby, the more teams will be formed and the more coaches needed. To begin your coaching career, I recommend you pursue the National Coaching Certification Program. To get started, visit this page to determine your coaching needs. 


Refereeing rugby provides a unique opportunity to be part of the action. Becoming a referee is best suited to current or former players because of the in-depth knowledge it requires. But if you’re willing to learn, anybody can become a referee. Visit the World Rugby Officiating page here or if you are in British Columbia, visit BC Rugby for courses and resources to learn officiating. 


Financially supporting rugby is a fantastic way to help grow rugby in Canada. When you make donations to a club, that money helps in many ways:

  • pay annual fees for players who would otherwise not be able to afford to play
  • helps buy uniforms
  • pay for player trophies and awards
  • offset the cost of tournaments and transportation
  • pay for referees and field rental
Rugby referee at a BC Premier League game.

Whether you choose to make an annual contribution, support fund-raising activities or buy a beverage and snack when you attend a game, every time you spend money in a way connected to your rugby team, you are helping in some way. 

Hopefully these ideas have inspired you to get out, get involved and help grow rugby in Canada. 

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